Author: Jo Molyneux

Jo Molyneux has just returned the West Country after living in rural France for eleven years. Recently retired, she is devoting her time to follow her interests in writing, gardening and activism. Always willing to stand up for what she believes is right, Jo has an irreverent sense of humour and a new found interest in British politics. If it is wrong, fix it.

Blame the con merchants, not their victims

Jo Molyneux

If the close-run election in America should teach us anything at all, it is that we have a much better chance of unseating this crooked government if we stand together. Whether you voted remain, like me, or leave, we have all become victims of what I can only describe as a coup. I like my […]

A breath or two of hope

Jo Molyneux

Recently I have begun feeling a little swamped by depressing stories regarding the scale of Covid-19 infections, Tory party skullduggery, disinformation and the state of our planet. There are a million and one minor stresses for us all, on top of that. It didn’t feel quite so bad in the summer, but now the nights […]

Kindness is in our power: let’s use it.

Jo Molyneux

Editor’s preface: We are very proud to publish this powerful article from Jo Molyneux. It is not an easy read containing, as it does, some distressing and harrowing detail of man’s inhumanity to man. However, we feel that the subject is too important to pull any punches; but please be aware. It is the first […]