Author: James Miller

James Miller has been working in renewable energy since graduating with an M.Eng degree in Renewable Energy in 2010. After completing an internship with the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network, he's seen first-hand how renewable energy and the green economy can improve the lives of people and communities. He likes explaining and campaigning for economic and political ideas that offer a positive vision for the future.

The future is brighter than you think

James Miller

Renewable energy specialist James Miller finds reasons to be cheerful as the demise of the fossil fuel industry looms into view. We’re bombarded daily with doom-laden stories about climate breakdown and natural disasters that threaten our very existence on this planet, and many devastating aspects of climate change are already inevitable. But emerging from the […]

Cornwall faces cold homes pandemic

James Miller

Despite its mild winters, Cornwall has among the highest levels of cold homes and fuel poverty in the UK, forcing many people to choose between heating their homes, and eating. The Government’s £2bn Green Homes Grant scheme, which aims to insulate up to 650,000 homes and create 140,000 jobs across the UK, launches this month. […]