Author: Helmuth Porschen

the first 50 years of my life I have spent in Germany, where I was born almost 75 years ago. Then I felt that it was time to move on - to England, where I have been living and working for 8 1/2 years. When conditions changed, my wife (she is English) and I have moved to Cyprus in 2005. After studying mechanical engineering I have spent my working life (since 1969) in the IT environment, mainly as programmer, software developer and IT consultant. My main hobbies are steam and internal combustion engines, and with it the vehicles powered by these machines.


Helmuth Porschen
wooden door, brass paque 'Members only'

Ed: We were sent this glorious piece unsolicited and loved it. The author stresses that any resemblance to current affairs in the UK is purely coincidental…! Some years ago I joined a club. (It doesn’t matter what kind of club it was because the following statements are more or less valid for all clubs.) I […]