Author: David Nicholas Wilkinson

David Nicholas Wilkinson is the director, producer, co-writer and presenter of GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER(S). He took this same role on THE FIRST FILM and POSTCARDS FROM THE 48%. He was an executive producer of HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD which was one of the four opening night films at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. He has produced over 20 documentaries and has distributed 120 films in the UK & Ireland in the cinema, on video/DVD, to television and online.

“I cried today in hospital. I did not cry for me.”

David Nicholas Wilkinson

Award-winning film-maker David Wilkinson discovered very recently that he had stage 4 bowel cancer. He has been sharing his experience on Facebook with his friends and admirers, of whom there are very many, including the team here at WCV. We asked if we could publish this post. We believe it’s especially important as we approach […]

“WTF is ‘great’ about millions in dire straits?” Filmmaker David Nicholas Wilkinson gives voice to shared anger

David Nicholas Wilkinson
Tesco food donation sign

The (dis)United Kingdom is the fifth largest country globally in terms of nominal GDP (gross domestic product), according to Wikipedia*. 216 countries are recorded on Wikipedia in terms of their GDP. One of my daughters is in Morocco (rated the 60th ‘richest’ country), and yesterday she and her friend were eating in a mother-and-son’s small […]