Author: Caspar Hughes

Exeter based active transport and climate campaigner. Caspar spent most of his life working in the transport industry before founding a cycling sport events company. He has been successfully campaigning with Stop Killing Cyclists and Extinction Rebellion since 2016. Just before covid took our lives over he sold his company to devote more time to campaigning for our continued peaceful existence on our planet. He loves Dartmoor, where he grew up.

An everyday tale of climate breakdown

Caspar Hughes

I was recently invited onto the board of trustees of an inclusive cycling charity called Wheels for Wellbeing, which is doing amazing work, changing attitudes and the road network, to make it safer for everyone who cycles, regardless of ability or disability. I had to go to London for a meeting with the other trustees; […]

Time to use our roads to reduce our carbon emissions

Caspar Hughes
light trails on a motorway at night

We’ve seen Insulate Britain emerge onto their M25 stage in the last couple of weeks with their brave and dangerous protests. They are prepared to go to prison as campaigners try to wake the population up to the fact we are careering headlong into the worst crisis humanity has ever faced. The M25 is an […]

The media: the biggest obstacle to addressing transport emissions

Caspar Hughes

As is so often the case, the biggest barrier to the required step change for us to reduce our transport emissions is the media. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, they are pushing electric cars as part of the solution to the climate and ecological crises. Electric cars are part of the problem. Globally […]

“Why I was arrested blockading Rupert Murdoch’s printing press”

Caspar Hughes

On 5 September last year I was part of the Extinction Rebellion group that blockaded Rupert Murdoch’s printing press. We knew we were going up against a powerful group of men who own the Sun, The Times, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail, all of which are printed at Rupert Murdoch’s printing press in Hertfordshire. […]