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We were set up in 2017, as a reactive campaign, responding to an emergency. Internationalist values were under threat, Britons with multiple citizenships and cultural identities were cast as citizens of nowhere, and multilaterally brokered peace in Northern Ireland was at risk. Since we left the European Union and subsequent transition period, we have been asked repeatedly, what Best for Britain is still for and what it hopes to achieve. So here it is. We have transitioned from being a temporary campaign against Brexit, to being a permanent organisation for internationalist values and working with the world.

“He got the big calls right” Best for Britain debunks the mantra

Best for Britain

Let’s start with Brexit. These are the latest figures from the OBR. UK trade levels collapsed during the pandemic and have failed to rebound, unlike those of other G7 countries. 2/ Pre-Brexit, the UK was a world leader in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) – and had been since the 1970s. Between 2017 and 2020, […]