Yet more Tory gaslighting! Don’t fall for these latest examples

Meme by Sadie Parker

We’re just waiting for the Conservatives to take credit for the Lionesses’ epic win, to be honest, but in the meantime, here are the latest shocker whoppers being trotted out to con the public.

The fall in the rate of inflation is all down to government policies and the refusal to pay public sector workers a real terms wage increase, rewarding them with an effective pay cut, instead.

First off, inflation is STILL rising. Prices are STILL going up. The fall in the rate of inflation just means they are going up by less then they were, but a 7 percent increase in your food bill is still meaningful, on top of all the increases that have gone before.

As for the pay thing? Just watch Peter Stefanovic:

Rising corporate profits have been the biggest contributor to inflation! Corporate greed has led to companies increasing prices by more than the rise in their input costs. Profiteering…

And increases in private sector pay (where the headline-grabbing increases have occurred) are potentially inflationary, as the costs are passed on to customers. We don’t pay directly for access to the NHS, so any pay settlement is irrelevant to the monthly inflation figures!

People will ‘start to see the benefit in their bank accounts’ as inflation starts to fall. Rishi Sunak

See above. Inflation is inflation is inflation…

The changes to cancer targets are great news!

You only have to read Dr Dan Goyal’s article to understand that this is class A bull.

The government are increasing NHS capacity by 5 per cent this winter.

Dr Dan Goyal, again:

“The government are not funding a 5 per cent increase in NHS capacity. They are literally paying for the beds and infrastructure, not the actual running costs! When are NHS Execs going to correct this endless stream of lies? [Beds without staff? See the Nightingale publicity stunt/fiasco. Ed]

“Last winter the Govt committed to £1bn for 5000 beds by THIS winter. They are now committing to £250m for 900 beds by April 2024 Why are the media not reporting on this failed promise?

“There is no meaningful winter fund for NHS England, again To put it in context, last winter the Scottish Government awarded £600m to NHS Scotland… Equivalent to £6bn in NHS England! The govt’s £250m for 900 beds by April ‘24 is merely a publicity stunt They want NHS to fail.”

Consultants are greedy…they get a tax free pension when they retire.

Deliberate attempt to undermine public support for strikes by doctors. A LIE.

Levelling up

You remember! That headline-grabbing stunt to persuade us all of the determination of this government to close the yawning gap between rich and poor!

Instead, the levelling up programme has deepened the divide and been directed to richer, Conservative-backing areas, just as Sunak promised to a group of supporters in Tunbridge Wells.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies found that:

“The most deprived 20 per cent of areas received 9 per cent less than their estimated needs while the least deprived 20 per cent received 15 per cent more.”

Smells funny, huh? Vote-buying, anyone?

Taxpayers are paying £6m a day on hotel bills for asylum seekers – Sunak

Hmm. But didn’t Jenrick blow the gaff when he proudly revealed that the Home Office had deliberately slowed down the asylum application process to act as a deterrent?

And as for the cost of hiring the Bibby Stockholm and the mooring charges…well, follow the money!

As Sky News reported, based on the cost of hiring, mooring and staffing the Bibby Stockholm, designed to hold 250 people, Legionella Braverman would have to cram 1,000 plus migrants into it to make it cheaper than accommodating them in hotels!

And get ready for steam to come out of your ears:

It’s 41 months since Nadine Dorries held a surgery for her constituents, 404 days since she spoke in the Commons & 111 days since she last voted. Yet, apparently, she has not breached the MPs’ Code of Conduct by failing to speak in Parliament for over a year, the parliamentary standards commissioner has ruled.