“Will you condemn the lie, Sheryll Murray?” Letter to the editor

This same letter could be sent to the majority of Conservative MPs in our region who have failed to condemn Johnson’s appalling lie. Ed

Dear Sheryll

The shocking and disgusting attacks on the leader of the opposition by far right extremists today are the direct result of the widely debunked fake news that our so-called prime minister spread in parliament about the Jimmy Savile case.

They were spread with intent to distract from the fact that Boris Johnson and his regime in number 10 partied and revelled in corruption whilst the nation, including our queen, was locked down. Last year an MP was murdered doing his job, the second MP murdered doing their job in recent times.

Spreading hatred and false news as Boris Johnson did last week dramatically increases the risk of more murders by extremists in future. You only have to look at what happened when Boris Johnson’s American twin, Donald Trump, spread false news which sparked an attempt to overthrow the results of the US election to see how dangerous these lies are when interpreted by those lacking the intelligence or the will to discern fact from fiction. 

If you fail to condemn the lie that led to today’s attacks then you are complicit in any harm that occurs to any MP or our democracy itself as a result. You and your colleagues should demand a full retraction of the slur by the prime minister along with a formal apology for spreading it in the first place. This should be made in parliament and on major news channels . 

Boris Johnson is a spent force. He knows it, we know it and deep down, despite your proclaimed “support” for him, you know it. All he is doing now is desperately clinging to power and trying to do as much damage as he can before the inevitable happens and he gets removed unceremoniously from office. If he had any honour, he should have resigned long before now for lying to parliament and the nation.

You could show that there are honest MPs out there by calling for him to apologise.

The question is will you do it?

Carl Garner