MPs supporting a liar – why? Letter to the editor

Dear West Country Bylines,

I have this to say to Sheryll Murray after she stood up to heap praise on Johnson at PMQs:

Boris has now said he will stay and “fight on”. Who exactly is be fighting? Is it the bereaved families he laughed in the faces of by holding more parties in lockdown than most people hold in a lifetime? The traumatised people who lost livelihoods? Those who obeyed the law and (clearly stupidly) thought that our leaders would do the same thing?

Also, do enlighten me as to why exactly MPs are protecting a man who has no regard for anyone but himself, who would (and frequently has) humiliated MPs and betrayed them for his own gratification and who is, in a word, useless. He has failed at every job he has ever held – even his signature project, because if he “got Brexit done” then do tell me why isn’t it actually done?

Why is Liz Truss having to renegotiate the bum deal he signed? Is she doing it as some kind of bizarre masochistic hobby or is it because Boris couldn’t lead a one-man conga line, let alone lead us through something as complex as leaving the EU and getting anything resembling a decent deal? 

As I said before, keep him if you must, but he will take the whole party down with him if you do, particularly if there is any kind of whitewash on the imminent report that is being published. If the party lets him keep his job then the inevitable outcome of an electoral wipe-out will be well-deserved.

Make no mistake: keeping him condones lying; it condones law breaking and it condones contempt for the public and the Queen who obeyed the laws whilst Boris Johnson partied on. We will know that you and your colleagues condone that, too. People may have short memories for some things, but they won’t quickly forget a prime minister having a knees-up whilst they were locked in their homes and unable to attend weddings, funerals and birthdays or those who scrambled to excuse his lies and the cover-up. 

Carl Garner,