Where’s Geoffrey? Not in Tavistock!

Tavistock. Photo by the author

We’ve written about the Geoffrey Cox second job saga and, whilst he has done nothing illegal, it has clearly annoyed his constutuents to discover that he has been swapping Devon’s sewage-affected beaches for the crystal clear turquoise waters and golden sands of the Carribean and earning very tidy sums advising a foreign government on corruption.

Irene Chambers is just one of the many constituents who have been less than impressed with Sir Geoffrey’s work ethic; she went the extra mile to show her indignation by getting the banner (shown above) made.

Irene was anxious to stress that her ire is genuine and not opportunistic tribal politicking. Here she is explaining why she felt the need to protest:

This gentleman called for Sir Geoffrey’s resignation:

Whilst Dan, the media-famous fish man, had this message for his MP and a bit to say about sewage, too:

MPs in tough areas with high levels of poverty and deprivation marvel that anyone can manage to hold down a substantial second job and still be able to deal with the problems faced by their constituents. Torridge and West Devon is a constituency which depends largely on agriculture, fishing and tourism. They need an MP who will champion them and make himself available to listen to their concerns as Brexit, the climate emergency and changes to legislation threaten lives and livelihoods. They’re entitled to ask: