Whatever you do, don’t mention the ‘B’ word! Letter to the editor

Dear Editor-in-Chief,

We are in regular contact with most of our French friends since moving back to the UK. Funnily enough they seem to be able to fill up their cars with no problem. Amazingly their shops have no shortages (M&S in France being the exception), although fresh stuff is getting more expensive.

And , yes, they have seen increases in utility bills at home as a result of rising wholesale prices, as indeed we all have.

They are able to travel across the EU with no restrictions; their older children can study under Erasmus across the EU. French and other EU truck drivers are able to park overnight, free, in hundreds of ‘aires’ with toilets and washing facilities as well as in other ‘aires’ with fuel and showers.

Why are we different? Surely it is all because of Covid, according to our ministers? Apparently the French also had Covid, albeit without as nearly as many deaths, so it isn’t that.

So what is the differentiating factor?

Begins with B and ends with T. Not Bullsh*t….Brexit…When will the Daily Express, Mail. Times and Telegraph admit it?

Never, I fear.

Oh well, let’s have a look at the benefits. My passport is now blue (although made by a French company). I have been allowed to change my GB sticker for a UK one with a union flag – I am so excited. The other night I woke up  at 3 am thrilled about being able to buy vegetables in pounds and ounces…Wow! Such luxury! Shame I can’t drive to the bare-shelved supermarket because my fuel tank is empty!

Really, we must all congratulate our wonderful government for their totally selfless commitment to our common good. Thank God we left the EU, otherwise I might have been even happier!

Ian Jaques