What happened to the promise to match EU funding for Cornwall, Sheryll Murray?

Dear Sheryll

The government has now announced its regional funding strategy. Now forgive me as I did not take maths past GCSE so I may be wrong, but £132 million from our government is slightly less than the £300 million that Cornwall would have received from the European Union over the same three year period. Please tell me if I am incorrect. 

Can you explain why exactly this post-Brexit world is supposed to be better for us in one of the poorest regions in western Europe? Why it’s somehow ok to underfund the area?

You are supposed to be our representative in government, so please go out and actually represent us by demanding from the government that the shortfalls be matched. After all, you ran on a manifesto of “getting Brexit done” to “unleash our potential”.

Having less money to regenerate our region and invest in desperately needed infrastructure upgrades and jobs is not going to unleash anything but misery and poverty. And if you are happy with this current arrangement clearly you aren’t taking your job seriously and should probably go and find another one and, instead, leave being our representative to someone who actually wants to do the job properly.  

Carl Garner