We’ve all been victims of Johnson’s lies, but Cornwall really copped it

Photo courtesy of Cornwall for Europe

Johnson lied to the people of Cornwall and so did the six Conservative MPs in Cornwall who helped perpetuate the lie that Brexit would be good for their constituents…

Here is Johnson in Truro, Cornwall on 11 May 2016, campaigning for Brexit, saying why send money to the EU when it can be sent to Cornwall.

And here is restating the lie, unequivocally, in an interview with the West Briton (with thanks to Russell England for finding the audio):

And here’s the prime minister lying away merrily in October 2020

Conservative MP for South East Cornwall, Sheryll Murray, still spreading the money myth back in December 2020:

And the Conservatives’ Facebook campaign ahead of council elections in 2021:

And here’s Kim Conchie, CEO of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, back in May 2021, still hoping that Cornwall will see the promised money…

And Cornwall has been walloped by labour shortages, threatening livelihoods and leaving daffodils and other crops to rot in the fields. MP for Camborne and Redruth, Environment Secretary and former UKIP member arch Brexiter George Eustice doesn’t much care, and Conservative MP for St Ives, Derek Thomas, fails to join the dots between the Brexit he endorsed and the problems facing Cornwall:

Johnson lied again at the Tory conference in October this year, but the text of his speech has been removed from the party’s website. Strange! Instead you get this page:


They’re so witty! A joke at our expense.

And here’s where we are now.

And on top of all that, every single one of Cornwall’s MPs voted to allow water companies to dump raw sewage in our rivers and seas, in a region that relies on tourism.

Cornwall has been showered not with money, but with sh*t. Quite literally.