Uxbridge: letter to Keir Starmer

Dear Keir Starmer,

I heard you may be thinking of further watering down environmental pledges in light of the narrow loss in Boris Johnson’s old seat. I certainly hope this isn’t true in light of the raging fires in Greece and the absolute necessity to tackle climate change and reach net zero even faster than we initially thought we would need to. Offer a real plan based on taxing the wealthy and reversing years of Tory damage to public services and you won’t just stumble into power by default – thanks to Tory ineptitude – but actually completely wipe the Tories off the map.

Show some imagination. If you don’t actually properly commit to solving the biggest crisis we may ever face, then I and millions like me just simply won’t vote for you. 

Sunak keeps claiming inflation is the biggest problem right now. Maybe gently remind him day in and day out that we haven’t seen anything yet, because if climate change accelerates , tens of millions of people will become refugees, forced to move or die , crops will fail en masse and then recent price rises will look completely insignificant. 

Also, do the maths. The Greens got 2.9 per cent of the vote in Uxbridge. If Labour had actually offered a coherent and meaningful environmental message, then most of those votes would have transferred to your party! The environment seriously matters to people and you need to either form election pacts with other progressive parties or actually offer real change to inspire people.

The planet is burning; the public services are in the gutter. Don’t sit on the fence!

Carl Garner