Two jets Johnson and the second home rule

Cartoon by Christian Adams reproduced by kind permission of The Political Cartoon Society/gallery and shop

There’s no more money for health workers. No. But there’s money for a second aeroplane. Not content with splurging £900,000 on a flag fetishist paint job on the first, spendaholic Johnson has leased a second fossil fuel-guzzling, emissions-increasing plane from Titan Airways. Really emphasising our green credentials, eh? Oh, and Titan Airways has applied to move its operations to #Malta. Is it now UK Govt policy to give contracts to EU companies rather than “100% British” companies? , tweeted @CityLiveryConsulting, pointing out an article on the impact of Brexit on British Airways and the competitive advantage that Brexit has given to competitors.

This government has a thing with seconds. Second jet, delays to second jabs, second thoughts on the crummy deal (too late); absolutely second to none for lying, corruption and incompetence. And now here’s a wheeze to ensure chums can jet off to second homes in spite of Covid-19 restrictions:

So…second homes – aka the Stanley Johnson exemption rule – and yes! Another second! Second chances for ministers who break the ministerial code! (Alex Toal has a piece on this in Yorkshire Bylines.)

Not First Ministers, of course. If Nicola Sturgeon had been found guilty of breaching the code (which the Scottish Conservatives and the right wing media were absolutely praying would turn out to be the case), the baying for her blood would have reached a deafening pitch. But any of Johnson’s acolytes get second, third, fourth chances. Why, Johnson awards himself an infinite number to escape the consequences of his serial, nay, habitual violations. Rules are made to be broken, dontcha know! Not by the hoi polloi, obvs, but Johnson’s chaps and chapesses? Break away!