Time to put an end to this Tory chaos and destruction

Enough is enough. Time to stop the destruction of the fabric of our society. Brexit has been the unmitigated failure it was always destined to be. Ideologues, fantasists and proto-fascists are taking the country in a disastrous direction.

Corruption is rampant. Sickness and poverty are rife. Victorian diseases of poverty and malnutrition are back – rickets and scurvy. Our schools are crumbling, our children stunted, physically and educationally, many robbed of any sort of future. Nature is depleted and abused. Our rivers and seas are polluted. Our homes cold whilst the energy companies rake in obscene profits. Our farmers are in despair. Our NHS on its knees and our public services in dire straits. The rule of law is threatened and our human rights under attack. We are a laughing stock. A national tragedy. A nation going backwards to dark times.

And the profiteering, the cronyism, the lying and corruption just go on and on and on, seemingly with no consequence to the perpetrators.

Enough is enough.

The Conservatives can try to divide us, but we are united in our desire to see them gone. That, Rishi Sunak and your sorry band of grifters, liars and incompetent charlatans, is the will of the people, not inflicting performative cruelty on people even worse off than ourselves..

Time to stop messing about and give us what we want…and, spoiler alert, it isn’t a Conservative government.

Now, name the day and jog on.