The Johnson vote on Monday: will your MP vote for honesty and integrity or not? The results are in…

Meme by Sadie Parker

The following Conservative MPs do not think Johnson is a liar or that truth and parliamentary democracy matter. They did not vote to support the recommendations of the privileges committee. Some may have had legitimate reasons for not voting: ill/paired etc

Christopher Chope

Chris Loder

Richard Drax

Conor Burns…knighted by the liar

Johnny Mercer

Derek Thomas

Sherryl Murray

Cherilyn Mackrory

Scott Mann

Anne-Marie Morris

Mel Stride: says he couldn’t vote for 90 days…he could have suggested an amendment. He didn’t.

Steve Double

Kevin Foster

George Eustice

Liam Fox

Jacob Rees-Mogg. Knighted by the liar

Marcus Fysh

James Heappey

Iain Liddell-Granger

Michael Tomlinson

These Conservative MPs voted for the committee’s recommendation:

Gary Streeter

Geoffrey Cox

Anthony Mangnall

Simon Jupp

Selaine Saxby

Tobias Ellwood

John Penrose

Rebecca Pow

Robert Syms

Paired so did not vote: family emergency: Simon Hoare

Some excellent speeches in the debate tonight (19 June) championing truth, justice and parliamentary democracy. Vote result: 354 in support of the report’s findings, 7 against (Seven enslaved to Johnson or utterly morally bankrupt). But that leaves a LOT of abstentions. Chicken Sunak was not present. We will bring you the breakdown of votes for our region’s MPs as soon as we have it.

The Privileges Committee have pronounced, and it is now official: Boris Johnson is a liar and has been found to be in repeated contempt of parliament.

The report is not about the parties. It was about the lying. The repeated lying. And, as the committee pointed out, that lying was all the more serious because Johnson was Prime Minister and could reasonably be expected to uphold something at least approximating to the highest standards of conduct in public office rather than the total reverse.

The conclusions were unanimous. It was not a ‘Remainer’ committee or a ‘woke’ committee or a ‘Boris-bashing’ committee, no matter what Johnson himself claims or his sycophants or the thoroughly compromised right wing press.

And Johnson was not forced out. He ran away. Ran away from an unequivocal and unanimous verdict and its consequences.

Chair Harriet Harman (Labour) only had a vote if the committee was tied. The committee comprised one Labour, one SNP, FOUR Conservatives, of whom three were Brexiters at time of the referendum and one who only became an MP in 2019. Bernard Jenkin was a leading Eurosceptic Brexiter who has been causing trouble for government over the EU since the days of John Major in the nineties.

The complicit media would have us believe that Johnson has been the victim of a witch hunt. But when that Brexit genius Lord Frost, ennobled by Johnson for the worst Brexit deal imaginable, says in the Telegraph (Torygraph) that the Remainers have finally got their way, he is either deluded, lying or stupid or a combination thereof.

The committee, whose verdict Johnson said he would respect depending on the outcome (!), has come in for a torrent of abuse from the Johnson groupies, thereby putting themselves in contempt of parliament. These are the same people who claimed that Brexit was essential to reassert the UK’s parliamentary sovereignty but, as with so many things – the law, the ministerial code, the Nolan Principles – their respect is predicated on whether it suits their agenda or not.

Rees-Mogg, Fabricant, Jenkyn and Dorries, to name the most high-profile offenders, have proved that they have no shame, no moral compass and absolutely no business being MPs.

The Johnson cult has done appalling damage to the country and to democracy. His dishonours list is an insult to the country and to democracy and should be axed.

The vote on Monday to accept (or otherwise) the recommendation of the committee that, had Johnson not chickened out, would have meant a 90-day suspension and an automatic by-election – an election that Johnson would almost certainly lose. Almost more damning than the suspension is the withdrawal of his Westminster pass, signalling once and for all, that his political career (car crash) is at long last over, and his mendacious, gaslighting, narcissistic presence should never again darken the mother of parliaments. His destructive political ‘career’ should have never even begun.

But enough about the most disgraced prime minister in our history. Attention must swing back – not to his enablers and supporters for they have damned themselves – but to the Conservative MPs too weak, too morally compromised, too tribal to stand up and be counted on Monday. If your MP votes against or abstains, you know that, come the next election, your constituency needs a change.

Watch how that vote goes. Is your MP a Johnson lackey, a coward or a man/woman of honour and integrity? It matters. It really, really does.