The buck stops here – letter to the editor

Dear West Country Voices,

Harry S Truman famously had this sign on his desk pointing out that as, President of the USA and the man in charge, he should take responsibility for stuff that goes wrong.

If only this was true here in the UK.

The first of this year’s three Prime Ministers now earns roughly the same in an hour as he earned in a year in Downing Street. He retains a government car, allowance and security as well as the salary of an MP, for which he seems to be doing nothing.

The second is now taking a ‘well-earned break’ after single-handedly wrecking an already weak economy. She still believes that her policies were right! 

The present PM is also determined to blame everything or anything else but himself or the past 12 years of his government for the problems we face today. 

Covid and the Ukraine war are responsible for all our financial ills, he says.

Well, all the other major economies are recovering from Covid faster than us. Our inflation rate is higher, our rivers and streams are more polluted, our hospital waiting times are longer, our rich are richer and our poor are poorer.

And yet we are not as dependent on Russian energy as our European neighbours.

He will not mention Brexit, nor will the Labour party, although most UK citizens realise the mistake that Brexit is. The hit to our GDP will be bigger than Covid because there are NO benefits from Brexit, only downsides.

Sunak is a Brexiter. He was a hedge fund manager, making profit out of failure, betting against success. How can he change?

The rise in interest rates will benefit the banks, his mates. They will raise borrowing costs instantly, boosting their profits and at the same time delaying increasing rates for savers.

The man who is richer than the new King could put £30m from his fortune of £730m in his pocket and give each citizen of the UK more than ten quid!

With all the best will in the world, how can we trust this man with our future?

Like the other two, the buck will gaily pass him by.


Ian Jacques