Sunak says we need to get better at maths – well, here are numbers the country needs to understand

So, the new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, is worried that Britons are not numerate enough.

He said he wants people to “feel more confident” when it comes to numbers and finances and plans to make maths compulsory study until the age of 18.

Mr Sunak added that the UK must “reimagine our approach to numeracy” in a world “where data is everywhere, and statistics underpin every job.”

Well, here are some stats that the country might profit from better understanding.

Most people – most voters – in the UK did NOT vote for Rishi Sunak’s party, the Conservatives, to become the government.

And most people – most voters – in the UK did NOT vote for Britain to leave the European Union.

Maybe it’s time to “reimagine” our democracy, to ensure a system that better represents the “will of the people.”

Don’t blame voters, many of whom feel they’re just hidden numbers. Our democracy is broken and urgently needs repair.

Watch and share this 3-minute video widely. There’s safety, and democracy, in numbers.

Jon Danzig is a campaigning journalist and film maker who specialises in writing about health, human rights, and Europe. He is also founder of the pro-EU information campaign, Reasons2Rejoin. You can follow Jon Danzig on his Facebook journalism page at