The Sue Gray report: write to your Conservative MP now

caricature of Boris Johnson with text "Because the dead can't vote
Cartoon by Mr Rushforth

Today we watched a desperate and despicable display of faux contrition, empty excuses and insultingly evasive answers from Johnson. Sue Gray’s ‘update’ made it crystal clear that rules have been broken which means that Johnson has repeatedly lied to the House and to us. Twelve of the sixteen parties are now under criminal investigation. Twelve.

Theresa May summed up the issue:

Johnson was repeatedly asked whether he would publish the full, unredacted report once the Met investigation is over. He was asked, largely, by MPs from his own side.

And Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood:

And here is Red Wall Conservative newbie, Aaron Bell, expressing his disgust:

If you agree with them and with any or all of the following, namely that a) the prime minister should resign; b) the Sue Gray report should be published in full at the earliest opportunity and that c) an MP defending Johnson is complicit in the undermining of trust in parliament and in our democracy, you might write to your MP (regardless of their historic responsiveness) and tell them so.

You can find your MP’s email address here. If you are not sure who your MP is, you can find out here.

We have 34 MPs in our region. 32 of them are Conservative. It is inconceivable that they all support Johnson despite him being the subject of a criminal investigation. Why not ask them where they stand?