Sorry is not enough! Paddle Out protests this Saturday May 20 call on water companies to sort the sewage

If you are incensed by the water companies pumping sewage into our rivers, waterways and seas and bitterly resent the fact that WE, the consumer, will be paying for them to clean it up, then join a protest! The water companies have been making huge profits, which they have partially distributed to shareholders, and paying their management big bonuses while failing to repair and invest in failing infrastructure. Sorry is NOT enough!

This is from Surfers Against Sewage’s website:

Surfers Against Sewage are hosting a national day of action on Saturday May 20, 2023, 11:30 – 15:00. There will be 12 lead protests hosted nation wide on this date, each one protesting against each of the UK water companies, as well as a few smaller DIY protests.

Where can I find my local protest?

Surfers Against Sewage will be hosting 12 lead protests, each one representing the poor performance of the 12 different water companies across the UK, as well as a few smaller DIY protests. Check our map for your local protest location.


For those of you living in our region, you can join protests in:

  • Bournemouth: Sorted Beach shop, Undercliff Drive, BH5 1BQ

  • Plymouth: Tinside Beach, PL1 2AA

  • Croyde: Croyde Beach, EX33 1FF

  • Falmouth: Gyllyngvase Beach, TR11 4PA

What is a Paddle Out Protest?

Wax up those surfboards. Paint those placards. Grab those rafts. Whether you get in the water and paddle out or protest with us from the shore, we will be coming together for a national day of action and showing these profiting polluters that we will not stand for another summer of swimming in sh*t.

Our “paddle outs” will involve local communities coming together to protest in the very space we want to protect – the water. Whether you’re planning to paddle out in the ocean, a river or protest with your toes in the sand, everyone is welcome to join in, in a way that suits them. Let’s stand together against sewage pollution – find a Paddle Out Protest near you.

Why are we protesting?

The UK sewage system is at breaking point. It’s under huge strain from a growing population and the increasing frequency of extreme weather events caused by climate change. Built on a Victorian system, our decaying sewage infrastructure is in desperate need of investment.

But rather than spending money where it’s needed, water companies are stuffing their pockets with our money while failing environmental targets and pillaging our waterways. They continue to get away with regularly dumping untreated sewage into our blue spaces for millions of hours every year whilst regulators and The Government turn a blind eye. This needs to stop now.

We REFUSE to spend another summer swimming in sh*t and we DEMAND that water companies stop making a profit from pollution and start investing in our future, for the sake of people and the planet.

I can’t swim / don’t have a surfboard, can I still join in?

YES! You don’t have to get in the water to join in with our national day of action.

Whether you protest from the shore OR paddle out, we want people from all corners of the nation to come together and show the polluters the tidal wave of support for an end to sewage pollution. We are more than surfers, more than sewage.

How else can I get involved?

Help us spread the word! We need as many attendees as possible to make the biggest impact and show all 12 water companies that we won’t stand for their pollution any more. Share our event on your social media pages. Links to your local protest can be found on our interactive map.

Sign our Dirty Money Petition to demand an end to profiting from pollution. For too long water companies have been regularly pumping untreated sewage into our rivers and seas, racking up enormous fines and making huge financial losses, but still paying out millions of pounds to their shareholders. And it needs to stop.

What do I do if I want to run my own protest?

It’s great that you want to stand up against sewage pollution and get involved with running your own protest. We know there is still so much to be done to tackle the sewage scandal and people power can have a huge impact on creating change.

We currently have more than 13 protests happening around the UK, and are supporting each protest to make sure it’s a safe, fun and impactful day for everyone who joins. Unfortunately, this means we are now at full capacity for “SAS protests”. Of course, there is nothing to stop you protesting on water quality wherever you are (and we love to see it!) but if you choose to run your own protest, SAS cannot be liable or responsible for it.

Surfers Against Sewage [and West Country Voices!] would love to see pictures and videos of your protest after the event day and look forward to hearing how it went!

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