Politics needs to be purged of the Johnson poison

Photo courtesy of Cornwall for Europe

Truth doesn’t matter? Integrity doesn’t matter? Honour doesn’t matter? Is all that matters remaining in power to prosecute an agenda of enrichment for cronies and supporters, a grave reduction in human rights and a whole slew of policies which will serve to widen the inequality gap and deepen poverty and deprivation? It would seem so from Johnson’s faux apology and stubborn refusal to demonstrate that he genuinely takes responsibility for anything by doing the right thing and resigning.

Please write to your Conservative MP. You might want to adapt this letter written by Dominic Jackson of North East Bylines to his MP for Bury North.

“The conclusions of the long-awaited Sue Gray report into ‘partygate’ are damning for Boris Johnson. The report exposes rampant partying in Downing Street which constitutes social gatherings that have been deemed illegal by the Metropolitan Police. In other words the gatherings were against lockdown law as it stood at the time they occurred.

Gray is clear that “the senior leadership at the centre, both political and official, must bear responsibility for this culture”. Johnson is the ultimate law maker in the country and he cannot be a law breaker as well. I did my best to obey lockdown laws and my sympathies were always with those who lost loved ones during the pandemic and could not attend the funerals of these people.

As my MP, I am asking you to call for Johnson’s resignation. Again. As a legal professional yourself*, I fail to see how you can condone the law breaking at the highest level of government. By not calling for Boris Johnson to resign as Prime Minister you are doing exactly that and if you had any remote hope of extending your term as MP for XXX after the next general election you would publicly call for him to resign.

It’s time to end the stain of ‘partygate’. Boris Johnson must resign.”

*nb: many of the MPS do have a legal background so it may well be relevant to your MP

How long will Conservative MPs continue to defend this appalling man who is destroying the last vestiges of honour in politics?