#NoChildGoesHungry – west country people respond to Marcus Rashford’s appeal. Part 1

Every single Conservative MP in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset with the exception of Anne Marie Morris (who voted for the motion) and Neil Parish, Simon Hoare, James Heappey, Dr Liam Fox and Sir Christopher Chope (for whom no vote is recorded) voted against extending free school meals for poor children through the Covid-19 crisis.

Thankfully, there are businesses up and down our region who are saying nuts to that and offering to help, via Marcus Rashford’s twitter feed. We appeal to families who find themselves in need, but feel shy or embarrassed – there are people who care about you and want to help. Here are some of them (more to follow):

I spoke to Janice Holland from Crewkerne, who is currently running the Tintinhull community cafe on her own because of Covid-19.

I’m really happy to help. I’m funding the offer out of my tips. I can’t stand by and let the government abandon these kids to hunger. When the government won’t help, people have to step in.

Nikki Howard is a foodbank volunteer in Dorset. She has offered to produce meals for kids over half term.

Why? Because I remember being on free school meals and going hungry in the school holidays myself. I remember finishing up all the extras that people didn’t want on the table at school because I knew there would not be much at home. Furious at the selfish useless Conor Burns. What has he been doing recently? Cannot see any evidence of local support, representation or activity for the community he should be representing. The government, I don’t know where to start, corruption is rife and the most useless, selfish, lining their own pockets crew I have ever witnessed. A tragedy for many that I hope in years to come they will be held accountable for.

Castle Beach Café, Falmouth. This popular café is run by Fiona and her team In response to Westminster, refusing to provide free school meals during the Autumn school break, the café decided to put a message on FB;

Later another message was put on Facebook

‘’I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the love, the wonderful support being offered and the media interest (not to mention trying to run a café). This evening I will set up a donation page.’’

Hundreds of folk have commented on this and the page has been shared thousands of times.

The Refill Store, Truro

Two Cornish mums, Hannah and Emma, run this environmental friendly shop at the Market, Lemon Street, Truro. Hannah says that after the political decision was made to not provide children with free school meals during half-term, both were enraged and lost some faith in humanity. After a night’s sleep they came up with the idea to provide packs for the school children, for the duration of the school break.

‘’Wow wow Wow! We have been absolutely inundated with incredibly kind offers of support, delivery driving and people wanting to help and donate. We have therefore set up a Just Giving page where people can donate to help us on our quest to ensure “NO CHILD GOES HUNGRY” during the school holidays. Our faith in humanity has truly been restored and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!

The feedback received has been overwhelming and certainly has helped a long way to restore faith in humanity, as to what can be achieved when people come together.

You can visit their JustGiving page here.

Swiss Cottage Café, 33 High Street, Ilfracombe

This vintage tea room in Ilfracombe has been inundated by the media for interviews.

‘’No child should go hungry’’ is the reason to offer support during half term

It should not be necessary fo rstruggling families to have to rely on the kindness of stangers, but thank goodness for kindness. This is what we are about as a nation and politicians would do well to remember that they work for us.