Never forget the MPs who blithely swam in Johnson’s sewer for 3 years before developing a sense of smell

Tannery sewage” by magnusfranklin is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

So, the Pincher lies were what did it. They were the final straw which made some MPs at long, long last say ‘enough is enough.’

Not the towering mountain of Brexit lies. The ‘Get Brexit Done’ lie.

Not the threats to the Good Friday Agreement and the breaking of international law.

Not the litany of assaults on bodies and media which seek to scrutinise government and hold it to account.

Not the Russia report or the Russian connections.

Not the illegal prorogation of parliament.

Not the seeding of care homes with Covid or the ‘let the bodies pile high’ approach – the tens of thousands of avoidable, tragic deaths and then the politically-driven pretence that Covid is over.

Not the massive increase in inequality, child poverty, fuel poverty.

Not the abandonment of Afghan asylum seekers in Afghanistan.

Not the disgusting Rwanda policy.

Not the evisceration of the NHS.

Not the hideous policies on immigration. asylum seekers, peaceful protest, access to justice or the measures to suppress voting, deny access to judicial review etc

Not the endless lies about new hospitals, bobbies on the beat, levelling up etc, etc.

Not the endless lies about our economic performance or numbers in work or how much tax is being taken from those least able to pay it.

Not the endless lies about our status on the world stage.

Not any of the gates: Wallpapergate, partygate, Geidtgate, Arcurigate, noshgate…

Not the PPE VIP lane scandal.

Not the polluting of our rivers and coastlines.

Not the betrayal of farmers, fishers, small businesses.

Not the pork barrel politics evidenced in the direction of levelling-up funding.

Not the defence of bullies, bribe-takers and sexual predators.

No. None of these things (or a host of others) led these MPs to develop a moral compass.

Never forget. And never forget that some are still happily swimming in Johnson’s ordure… Patel, Truss, Dorries, Rees-Mogg, Zahawi and others. Never forget.