Marcus Fysh talking (potentially dangerous) codswallop. Part 1

MP for Yeovil Marcus Fysh has miraculously become a medic – and an epidemiologist and virologist to boot. Perhaps he’s piloting a new government strategy aimed at filling the shortages in experienced staff across a whole range of sectors whereby an individual has only to express a nodding acquaintance with a subject or a function to be instantly qualified to give an opinion or perform the task. For example, the fact that I used to count Norbert Dentressangle lorries on the motorway and once had my own horsebox means that I could trot off and get an HGV licence, surely?

Funny (ish), but not funny. At all.

Marcus Fysh ‘MD’ (we’re missing a vowel, perhaps?) has decided it’s time he waded into the vaccination debate. He started on 6 September, reacting to a Daily Telegraph article:

He didn’t seem particularly bothered about the renewing of emergency powers, incidentally, but then one can well imagine why a government in power while the country goes down the Brexit pan might want to keep a hold of those… but that’s another matter for another article. No, Marcus has got a bee in his bonnet about vaccinating kids. And he’s an expert, don’t you know!

Here he is on 10 September. once more referring to the BMJ… NO… sorry! That esteemed medical journal, the Daily Mail!

And now it gets personal:

And worse:

We put out this excellent article on vaccinating children and would suggest that Marcus Fysh does what so very few of his colleagues do and actually read something other than the right wing rags:

Follow the science.