Lies of the week…so far

I think a lot of us are done with holding back on what this kleptocratic, autocratic bunch of wreckers and their mainstream media cheerleaders are doing to the UK, to truth and democracy. We are going to unpick the latest lies and call them out, three at a time, for the benefit of those not following the lieathon on Twitter. It’s going to be a long series. Please share with those being fed a toxic diet of untruths. We need to set the record straight.

The vaccine lie:

That is a LIE from Rees-Mogg and many other MPs. Here is the truth:

Oh, and the vaccine was developed by German/Turkish scientists and is manufactured in Belgium. Is our rush to get stock because of possible disruption to supply post 31 December?

And here’s a grown-up response from the German ambassador to the UK:

‘Own goal’ by the EU on second homes lie:

Don’t blame the EU! We chose to leave and become a ‘third country’. France is applying the established rules. No more, no less. Not their problem. Ours. We created it. It’s on our heads.

The bursary/car parking lie (one of many during PMQs 1 Dec)

And read the comments – student nurses being told they were overpaid when they stepped into the breach in the summer and being asked to repay up to £1000.

There’ll be more. Sadly.