Johnson’s Tories trashing democracy and accountability: the list which tells you what they are doing to the UK

Meme by Sadie Parker

Keeping track of this lot eroding democracy and accountability

This is quite some list. An aide-memoire to the horrors already well on their way to implementation.

Plans to constrain the Electoral Commission:

Voter suppression via Voter ID

Gerrymandering the borders to get TEN extra Tory seats

Police Bill to ban peaceful protest

Changing Mayor voting system to favour a Tory Mayor

Unelected ministers in government

Mates in the House of Lords

Review of the judiciary and judicial review to absolve the government

Illegally prorogued parliament

Suppressing investigative journalists via a “national security” act – up to 14 years in prison

Boycotting critical media

Selling off Channel 4 (because they are not propaganda puppets…Ed)

Plans to curb crowdfunding for projects like the Good Law Project

Plans to increase the spending limit for election campaigns – which will favour the Tories.

Smaller parties simply don’t have the millions for campaign funds.

Election dates – removing the decision from parliament and handing over the power to the prime minister

Secret club that advises government

Sidelining parliament

Elections Bill – organising tactical voting will be a criminal act.

Originally tweeted by Russell England (@RussellEngland) on 31/07/2021, with some modification.