Is the penny dropping that Brexit means Brexit?

Aww! Bless June Mummery for spotting that leaving the EU meant no more attendance of the meetings, but really! Poor LibDem Caroline Voaden, who like the other non Brexit-cultist MEPs, including Conservative Dr Charles Tannock, Labour’s Clare Moody and the Green’s Molly Scott Cato, tried frantically to explain what Brexit would do to fishing. We used to have a place at the table. We used to have a voice in the meetings. We used to enjoy the benefits of membership….all thrown away at the altar of a sovereignty we always had.

They need us more than we need them? We can disregard rules? Welcome to the real world. Fishermen have been betrayed by false promises and lies. No more, no less. And whilst Johnson’s deal is clearly disastrous, the No Deal that so many Brexit cultists bayed for would have been even worse.

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