If it quacks like a duck… Letter to the editor

meme by Anthea Bareham

Dear Editor,

One after the other, political commentators have been lining up to express solidarity with Gary Lineker … “but”, they add, “I wouldn’t have used that language”.

Why not?

There is enough evidence out there to justify his choice of words, it’s just that it has been drip fed to us so slowly we haven’t recognised it as such. But some people have noticed, and some people have been trying to call it out. Never again? It is happening again is an article West Country Voices published over a year ago; if readers don’t have the time to read the whole thing, I would at least urge them to check out the video that is embedded within it:

At the end of the video Jon Danzig quotes ‘The 8 Steps to Genocide’ as compiled by Genocide Watch*. Readers may like to fast forward to the end to learn how far down the line Mr Danzig thought the UK was at the time the video was made – way back in 2015. How much further have we moved on since then? Should we not all be making a judgement as to how far down the line we are now?

Gary Lineker is one of those who has recognised this government’s language for what it is and I, for one, admire him for calling it out.

Mrs A Bareham


*Now updated to The Ten stages of Genocide. Ed