“How long can Johnson cling on?”- a reader wants an answer from Conor ‘ambushed with cake’ Burns

Meme by Sadie Parker

Dear Mr Burns,

Hoping this finds you well.

I move around a lot in social circles as an ‘after-hours musician’, and whenever I engage in conversation, which is a lot, this particular question goes around like a wildfire all the time: “How long can Boris Johnson cling on to his job?”

For us normal people, the situation is simply untenable. We have put up with lies and deceptions for so long that one may think it does get easier after a while or, as suggested by one of your colleagues, “the emails die down and people want to move on”.

There is no moving on from this. Trust in politicians is totally eroded, the international reputation of this once great country dragged through the mud and irreparable for the foreseeable future, and I can’t help but think that every single MP who keeps supporting a proven liar will have to pay a political price at some point.

How much longer will people who lost so much during the lockdowns have to endure being mocked by a prime minister who does not care for his voters, his party, his country?

I would be interested to hear your view on this, but only if it is honest.

Yours sincerely,

Gérard Guminski