Fyshy business – letter to the editor

Screenshot of BBC tweet

Dear EiC

Many thanks for Anthea Simmons’ pair of enlightening pieces on Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh. Having cast my line into the Register of Members Interests, I caught a couple of interesting minnows which supplement her arguments. The first article suggested Mr Fysh felt he had acquired some expertise in epidemiology and virology.

Well he’s certainly acquired some interest in that area.  Fysh’s entry in the Register lists a shareholding in ImmunityBio Inc, a major American biomedical company specialising in development of cancer immunotherapy treatments which has turned its attention to developing a Covid-19 vaccine based on a similar T-cell stimulation technique.

The second article compares him to a business development executive for private healthcare insurance. And funnily enough, there in the Register is listed a beneficial interest in the Hong Kong based health insurance giant AIA Group.

His entry includes an usually long list of companies he holds shares in and I wonder if this lengthy declaration is petulant over-transparency after being ticked off by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards for not declaring his directorships.

Purely an observation!

Yours sincerely

Rebecca Harrison