Fossil-fuelled Sunak: more lies incoming. Here’s how to counter them

Image by Anthea Bareham

It’s amazing how, as a country, we seem to let Sunak and this government do things which are bad for us, bad for our kids, bad for the planet and then suck it up while they tell us it’s all good or use their actions to create more division and anger in society. It’s pretty much non-stop gaslighting nowadays.

Now, most people will see straight through the lies, but if you come across someone determined to believe the Daily Heil or the Torygraph or the Tory presenters on GB News (whose owner made a bomb on the Coutts/NatWest farrago) and think Sunak and his government are acting in the nation’s best interests, then please show them this.

To whose tune does Sunak dance, do you think?

The Conservatives have taken millions of pounds from climate-deniers, companies linked to fossil fuels and high pollution. An estimated £3.5 million of dirty donations. And that’s not counting millions from Russian oligarchs, many of whom made their money from fossil fuels.

‘The largest donor to the Conservative party last year was the aviation entrepreneur Christopher Harborne, who gave £1.5m. The entrepreneur is CEO of a private jet company and also runs AML Global, an aviation fuel supplier operating in 1,200 locations across the globe with a distribution network that includes “main and regional oil companies”, according to its website.’


Sunak’s father-in-law’s company, Infosys, signed a nice fat deal with BP…two months ago. Coincidence?

Incidentally, Sunak’s wife pockets a tidy £6.7m in dividends from the company this summer. Cost-of-living crisis felt by all?

By the way, it’s an outright, bare-faced lie that Labour are funded by Just Stop Oil.

Those oil and gas licensing benefits? In the same category as Brexit benefits: just more lies and gaslighting:

Sunak says we have to drill for new gas to make energy ‘more affordable’ for households. He knows this is a lie. His party knows it’s a lie:

Sunak says he’s committed to net zero and that we’re on track…


‘The independent Climate Change Committee recently concluded that the Government has lost leadership on climate action and made decisions that were “utterly unacceptable”. The CCC thinks that the UK is failing to hit its climate targets on almost every front.’

Good Law Project

His decision has damaged our already tarnished reputation on the world stage:

“By announcing hundreds of new oil & gas licences, the prime minister, Rishi Sunak, has become a “dangerous radical” pursuing “moral & economic madness”. ⁦⁦

Antonio Guterres⁩, UN Secretary General

And jeopardises investment in green technologies, whilst bigging up doomed-to-fail carbon capture and storage scams (CCS), often funded by fossil fuel giants and/or donors to tick the ‘we’re doing something’ box. :

“Will I make them [investments] in Britain? No. I cannot invest in a country which is basically denying global warming and putting its faith in a failed ‘wait for the next idiot to come along’ solution called CCS.”

Andrew Forrest, billionaire battery manufacturer with a factory near Oxford

Sunak’s assertion that these moves actually HELP us to get to net zero by 2030 is a lie. It’s greenwashing!

Does private-jet-setting, multi-millionaire Sunak care about the climate emergency?

£500,000 worth of flights on private jets in a fortnight.

“EU politicians and bureaucrats SPEND OUR MONEY ON PRIVATE JETS for short distance travel. This is an outrageous abuse of British taxpayers’ money and MUST BE STOPPED!”

Vote Leave Facebook ad from 2016 –

Sunak 2023 – “I’ll be flying as I normally would [via private jet]”

Angry? Sign this!

And while the media tried to distract us with Farage…

… Gove quietly did this:

politicians can now keep donations up to £11,000 completely hidden.

Can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want to declare who had bought a stake in them, do you?

This government is owned by the fossil fuel industry. There’s a positive story out there of opportunity and genuine benefit to people and the planet from innovation and investment in genuinely green technologies and sustainable actions, but you won’t be hearing it from this lot. They’re OWNED and they care diddlysquat about me or you or the future beyond their own bank balances and grip on power. We don’t need an asteroid to come from outer space, threatening to end life as we know it… we’ve got that sorted right here on Earth.