For goodness sake, Johnson, read the APPG’s recommendations and do your job!

Johnson. You have failed us. You are failing us. Through your incompetence and love for the last minute U-turn, you will have caused unnecessary deaths. People from across the political divide and from the medical professions have been trying their damnedest to help you to get it right, but you’ve played politics and the virus has won.

Three weeks ago, 48 cross-party MPs, peers and clergymen signed a letter sent by Layla Moran MP to the PM, expressing concern that evidence by the National Audit Office on the delivery of vaccines ‘contradicts’ government claims that the UK will be ‘back to normal after Easter’.

It added that in July, the PM committed at PMQs to looking at the findings of the APPG on Coronavirus’ report, which was sent to 10 Downing Street on December 3 – and that the cross-party group is ‘yet to receive a response’.

Layla Moran MP, chair of the All-Party Group on Coronavirus, said tonight/Monday:

“These further restrictions are needed, but only because the PM hasn’t learned from his mistakes last year. The APPG on Coronavirus sent him 44 urgent recommendations in December to improve our handling of the pandemic. 

“Crucially, that includes adopting the Covid-Secure UK exit strategy to control, suppress and then eliminate coronavirus. Unless the Government gets the R number under control using locally-led test and trace, and then keeps the virus suppressed with strict testing at the UK’s borders, this damaging cycle of boom and bust lockdowns will continue until the vaccine is rolled out.
“It’s time for the PM to listen to MPs, read our report and implement our recommendations.”