“Every day brings another truly appalling initiative.” Letter to the editor

Boris Johnson and Priti Patel. Wikimedia Commons

On 4 December last year you published a letter from me that expressed my theory that the leadership (and subsequently the policies) of this country is finally decided by some 180,000 Conservative Party members, plus 370 sitting Tory MPs and a small number of press barons. Obviously, we can now add a number of Russians who have bought UK citizenship, a raft of bankers and lawyers who protect them, as well as the boards of directors of energy and oil and gas companies.

Those of us who care, or those folk who can take the time during their everyday struggles, to examine the policies of this government, should be appalled that virtually every day brings another truly dreadful initiative.

A billionaire chancellor with totally no understanding of how the majority of people live, another ex-banker in charge of health who has, at a stroke, dismissed the threat of Covid, a transport secretary hoodwinked by another overseas company … the list goes on.

I read today that refugees (not white ones) will be sent to Rwanda for processing. Wow!

Now, I am sure that not all of the 180,000  paid-up members of the Conservative Party are at all comfortable with all of these truly dreadful policies. Indeed, nor all of the 370 MPs (or those not suspended). However, there is apparently a core of about 100 of them who actually hold the keys. In effect, in any meaningful vote, they could bring down the government. You will not be surprised to see that they are the members of what was the ERG, who switched to supporting the relaxation of Covid rules. They are all in favour of punishing refugees, are anti-BBC, anti-woke and fierce Brexit supporters.

Not all those who voted for Brexit are racists, but most racists voted for Brexit.

These MPs are the ones who want to ban onshore wind farms, who will support more North Sea oil drilling, opening coal mines and fracking. I truly can’t understand how these people are allowed to continue running this country.

Every day I get emails telling me to write to my MP expressing my views. Done that and, in the words of my daughter, ‘got the tee shirt’. My MP has stopped answering my emails. She is not interested in anything I have to say, but obediently votes with the government on everything, however inhumane.

There was even a Tory MP this week (population of 65,000 in his constituency) who said that the majority of his voters said “we should move on” from partygate. That would suggest he had either spoken to, or received emails from, 32,501 people. What?

I am sure that my MP will protect Johnson (after all her support of him could be the only way that she was selected) even if he is issued with a fine.

So, what can we do?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Continue sending emails to your MP, but send the same one 100 times a day.
  • Write letters and send them recorded delivery, demanding a reply.
  • Ask for an appointment with him/her.
  • Check that their voting records match their words.
  • Check their expenses records and question them (look at claims for energy).
  • Write to your local newspaper. (Don’t be surprised if they have received grants during Covid, and check their ownership.)

    When given the chance, vote for anyone but them. Nobody else could be as bad.

Ian Jacques