Climate and nature café to open in Wimborne

Photo by Radhika41 Wikimedia Commons

A new climate and nature café is to be launched by Extinction Rebellion (XR) Wimborne for people suffering from eco-anxiety over the climate and nature crises.

The pop-up café is at the Cafe @ The Allendale in Wimborne on Thursday 15 February from 4pm to 6pm.

XR Wimborne say it is an opportunity for people of all ages to visit and chat with like-minded people about their environmental concerns.

Eco-anxiety, described as the feelings of stress and fear that many of us feel about the future of the planet, is affecting people of all ages and from all walks of life, with a 2023 survey showing that all generations are similarly concerned.

Joanna Bury of XR Wimborne said:

“Many people don’t find it easy to share their concerns with those around them, particularly when everyone else seems to be carrying on as normal. Talking to others who have had similar experiences can be a lifeline. The Climate & Nature Café will be a warm, friendly space to share feelings.”


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