Boo the bill! The NHS needs your help right NOW. It’s an emergency!

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

Right then.

The Health and Care Bill.

You know about it right?

It’s in the Commons on Monday and Tuesday.

And it stinks.

There is no assault on our country quite like an assault on the NHS. An NHS already on its knees.

But that’s what this outrageous government wants to do with its Health and Care Bill.

We can’t fight every malicious manoeuvre, but we must fight this one.

What’s wrong with it?

The Johnson government’s NHS Bill is a Privatisation Bill.

We’ve all seen in the pandemic how bringing in private firms has wasted vast sums, and absolutely failed us as patients and as a country. What on earth are Johnson and co thinking?

Not just that. The Johnson government’s Bill is also a Corruption Bill.

We’ve seen incredible corruption, so what on earth are they thinking when they propose removing the obligation for public tendering for NHS Services? More dodgy VIP lane contracts? No thanks.

Not just that. The Johnson government’s Bill is also a Service Withdrawal Bill.

It removes the statutory duty on the Health Secretary or on the new NHS Boards to provide hospital care. Yes, you read that right. No obligation to provide hospital services! –

– and therefore no right for you and me to challenge them in court when services are withdrawn.

What can we do?

On Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 November this Privatisation, Corruption and Service Withdrawal Bill is in Parliament.


If you can get to Parliament, this is the demo, organised by Unite and the YourNHSNeedsYou Campaign. Meet at Richmond Terrace, Westminster, 5pm.


Spread the word – #BooTheBill

Can you help me get #BooTheBill trending? We have three days to try. And years to live with a reduced NHS if we fail.

Copy this across your social media. Don’t forget the hashtags #BooTheBill and #takebackBritain


If we are to succeed, resistance online has to go public. We have to act, and we have to encourage others to act.

Let your neighbours know to expect some noise on Monday at 7, and tell them why. Ask them if they want to join in.


Connect with like-minded folk in your area to join you in protest, we have allies on the case. Contact @madgie1941, a champion of local groups (among other talents) and/or @LloydHardy, creator of the innovative GOV2.UK. Try them.


Please watch and share @YourNHS2021‘s video.


I hate to ask you to sign a petition. So I’m asking you to sign two! created by Mark Thomas created by Marcus Hynes


Further reading on the Health and Care Bill
From the excellent 99% Organisation (@99Organisation):

And finally:

Sajid Javid, the current Health Secretary and the sponsor of the Bill, has made no secret of his devotion to the ideas of Ayn Rand. The Ayn Rand Institute makes no secret of its position either – that “Healthcare is not a right”.

Be afraid.

And #BooTheBill

PS. Why #BooTheBill? Because we clapped for the NHS. And now they want to pull it apart? When it’s already on its knees? This cannot pass.

At 7pm on Monday, stand at your door.
We clapped our NHS.
Let's slow-clap this lousy government.
Let's make some noise.
Let's #BooTheBill

Originally tweeted by Dominic Minghella (@DMinghella) on 20/11/2021.