Between Two Worlds

Doro Williamson is 11, and lives with her parents on the southern edge of Dartmoor, Devon, UK. This poem was written while schooling at home, as part of her English work, assigned by her year 6 teacher after looking at alliteration and juxtaposition.

Between Two Worlds

The liminal lockdown kept us at home
Fraying our tempers ’til they broke
The liminal lockdown, when will it end
Of luck there was not a stroke

The liminal lockdown gave us time
To catch up on our fast pace lives
The liminal lockdown united our towns
Spreading virtual high fives

In the sought-after summer we were released
If many rules we obey
In the sought-after summer it was all masks on faces
But that was a small price to pay

In the sought-after summer we all bubbled up
Enjoying this newly found freedom
In the sought-after summer we got people-happy
But the rules… well some did not heed them

Then deflating tiers came into play
Complicating covid, creating confusion
Then deflating tiers – always changing
Will we find a real solution

Then deflating tiers are back of our minds
The vaccines have arrived at last
Then deflating tiers tighten their grip
But will this soon be the past

And now we wonder, in lockdown again
How much more our country can take
And now we wonder what could have been
If we had not acted so late

© 2 February 2021 Doro Williamson