As Jacob subcontracts finding non-existent Brexit benefits to readers of the Sun, Twitter has a field day!

Photo by Dom Pates, Wikimedia Commons

Well, we all knew Murdoch was the most powerful man in UK politics, so maybe it’s no wonder that Jacob Rees-Mogg has turned to readers of the Sun in a desperate bid to scrape together a few rules and regulations that they have been told get up their noses. I fear he will be inundated with requests to abolish rules which do not actually exist, but were concocted by Johnson and eurosceptics to fan the flames of hatred for that monstrous enemy, the EU. That will be karma indeed!

Anyway, as you might imagine, Twitter has been awash with wonderfully comic and acerbic responses to this lazy bit of delegation. Here are some of the best for your delectation and delight! We’ll start with a fairly serious comment from TV journalist Gavin Esler:

Nan Bovington is on Jacob’s case quick as a flash:

Stylish spoof account, Sir Michael Take (geddit?) is on fine form:

Loving this reference to Rees-Mogg’s ridiculous ‘happy fish’ claim:

Louis has spotted the fundamental flaw in the role:

And this, to a minister whom many assume would be heartily in favour of the reinstatement of the poor- and workhouses:

Nice visuals!

But this, from Clive Wismayer, is, perhaps, the most ‘on the money’, so far. Sadly, almost certainly uncomfortably close to the truth:

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