A vote for Brexit was a vote for Putin

The main beneficiary of Brexit? Vladimir Putin, argues Jon Danzig.

A vote for Brexit, was a vote for Putin

Putin’s fingerprints are all over Brexit. There have been suspicions of this for some time, but the evidence is now compelling and urgently needs proper investigation.

Motive is the key incentive for any crime. There have never been any benefits for Britain doing Brexit. Not even one. Any apparent motive for leaving the EU was based on a pack of astonishing, outrageous lies.

But the benefits to Russia from Brexit are both clear and enormous.

For almost two decades, Putin has harboured antagonism over the loss of the Soviet empire, to be successfully replaced by the enlargement of the EU, encroaching on what he considered to be Russian territory.

In 2005 he declared:

“the collapse of the Soviet Union was a major geopolitical disaster”

Putin has used covert techniques to destabilise the European Union in his imperial goal to create a new Russian empire, starting with his invasions of Ukraine.

A win for ‘Leave’ was all part of that agenda.

A vote for Brexit, was a vote for Putin, but voters are not to blame.

The lies that led to Brexit, in part fuelled and funded by Putin, were compelling, convincing, and used the powerful techniques of psychological warfare.

All of us were misled.

But now Britain and Britons must decide where we stand and which side we support.

Our political elite allowed our country to become a stooge for Putin’s nefarious intentions, with absolutely no benefits to us.

But the reality is that it’s the EU we should be supporting, not Putin.

The EU stands for what Britain and Britons really stand for and have always stood for.

We must support the EU project and start our journey – however long it takes – to re-joining our true family in Europe.

That would be the most powerful message we can send to Putin, whose aim all along was to use our country to get at the EU.